cultural events

Solo Dance

Dance is about following your heart, speaking your mind and moving with the flow. This event gives you a platform to represent your style and give a new light to your passion.

Contact: Alisha (+91-7205674905), Ritika Khandelwal (+91-9899953723)

Personality Contest

A secret tinch of confidence of finding the YOU in yourself. People spend their whole living in finding what you could discover on this stage, that is the true YOU! GO AHEAD STEP IN.

Contact: Uma Priya (+91-7042071047), Purusharth Bisht (+91-9711866272)

Street Play

We laugh to see a smile on their faces. We sweat to bring a frown to their minds. We raise our voices to bring a change to their hearts.

Contact: Arjun (+91-9650974170)

Online Poster Making

Bring out the technical skills, get a little creative and paint the canvas.

Contact: Sreyansh Khemka (+919830821781)

Solo Singing

Our hearts are filled with charismatic resonance of ecstatic rhythms and here we present you, Symphony, the solo singing competition to let these rhythms flow...

Contact: Ayushi Kashyap (+918130858071), Paranjay (+91-9953525268)