You can register either individually or as a contingent

Please note that,

  1. Participants of the following events are required to bring their PAN CARD on the day of the event:

  2. Everyone is required to carry a Valid ID Proof with clear photo identification of themselves (photocopies will be accepted), and a printed copy of the registration from their online Google document.

  3. Absence of any required documents can result in refusal of registration at the registration desk. The decision of Administrator shall be final in the case.

Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to participate in an event, registration is compulsory for everybody.

  2. An individual registration is valid for one person only, and is non-transferable, except under special circumstances.

  3. Any disagreement shall be dealt with the Administrator of the Public Relations team.

  4. The decision of the Administrator shall be final and binding on the party.

  5. SymFiesta reserves the right to change the program at any time. However, efforts shall be made to ensure a program of equivalent standard.

  6. Cancellation and Refund Policy for Paid Registrants: Paid registrations are not refundable, except under special circumstances, as decided by the Administrator.

  7. SymFiesta is concerned with the protection of your privacy. Your personal information is collected and saved for security reasons.

  8. The terms and conditions are liable to be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the organizer or the ticketing company.

For further queries, feel free to contact:

Contingent Policy

SymFiesta’17 has designed a contingent policy to encourage participation and to ease the process of registration for the students.

  1. A minimal fee of Rs 1600/- is to be paid by a contingent. This will make them eligible to participate in all the events, except the flagship events.

  2. In order to participate in flagship events, the contingent is supposed to pay Rs 300/- per flagship event.

  3. Only one person/team will participate in a single event from a contingent. If another person/team wishes to participate in the same event, a separate individual registration is to be done for that particular event.

For further queries, feel free to contact: