It is not every day that we stop to think about what is happening. We wake up, dress up and show up. Gone are the days when one used to ponder over their purpose of life. Now it’s all about plastic. Superficial happiness, multiple faces and baseless beliefs. What is happening? Why are you here?

You’re born, you’re alive, yet why do you cry about momentary pauses and negativity that you face? Entangled in emotions, caught up in fantasies, intricate in its approach, it never gives you a moment of rest, it’s a maze. One moment you’re appreciating literature and the next moment crying over spilt milk. Maybe appreciating a starlit sky and cranky in a hungry night? It’s the various emotions, the various moments, the various feelings that celebrate life. It’s the music and arts, literature and cinema that enrich it, it’s the conversation that gives meaning to it and the moments that make it worth living, it’s the people that make it memorable, it’s the labyrinth called life. The point of the labyrinth is to find your centre.